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A Canadian Project Puts COVID-19 Information Into Millennial & GenZ Speak On Instagram

Sayonara science jargon!
A Canadian Project Puts COVID-19 Information Into Millennial & GenZ Speak On Instagram

At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, there was more than just mass panic in the country, in fact, there was a surge in misinformation making equal headway.    

Since then the country has fought long and hard to clear the fake information and counter it with fact-based data.

However, today's information, although factual in nature, is still difficult to break down and understand since everyday Canadians might still find it hard to understand science speak verbatim.  

With that, everyday Canadians have set out on social media to make COVID-19 information as easy as humanly possible to understand, minus the intense science jargon. 

One Canadian project called 'On COVID-19 Project,' a grassroots and youth-led initiative on Instagram, makes pandemic-related information easily digestible. 

This post breaks down the many ways Canadians can aid in the fight to curb the spread of the virus. The list includes getting tested if you have COVID-19 related symptoms,  washing your hands, covering your cough and more.

This illustrated slide show the story of how researchers play a vital role in learning about COVID-19 in order to get a better grip on it. 

Here, the initiative put together a list of how other countries outside of Canada are handling the pandemic and the different strategies they have put in place that may differ from our own.

This slide show keeps young Canadians updated with the country's newest mask guidelines as they may not be tuning in every day to listen in on Canada's top doctor or the prime minister share its latest updates information.  

Staying stafe has never been so aesthetically pleasing!

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