Buying a car can definitely expensive but did you ever think it would be more expensive to buy a cow? That's actually a reality now. A cow auction in Alberta saw a cow sell for $140,000. That's more expensive than buying a high end car. 

An eight-year-old purebred Black Angus cow was sold at an auction in Alberta for $140,000. That price is more than what it costs to buy a Tesla Model S car

Who knew a Canadian cow could be more expensive than a Tesla?

This pricey animal doesn't even have a name, she's only known as 109z. She was sold by U2 Ranch during a two-day sale on November 11 and November 12.

Despite the name, the ranch has nothing to do with U2. Unfortunately, Bono isn't running a cattle ranch in Alberta named after his band during his off time, but that would be a great second career for him. 

U2 Ranch is located northeast of Coaldale and is a family-owned cattle breeding operation.

If you ask the ranch, the cow is a rockstar in her own right and pretty special.

"There aren't many like her," said Darren Unger, U2 Ranch owner, to CTV News. "She's unique."

Two American buyers partnered up to purchase the cow for $140,000 and one of them even has a previous connection to 109z. 

The cow is well known among cattle breeders because of her genetics. One of the parties that bought 109z had previously bought her first son.

Because of the calves her son created and how well they're doing, those same people decided to buy 109z as well.

"They were pretty thrilled that they got her, and they were very thankful," said Unger.

She is also pregnant with another calf.

Bob Perlich, the auctioneer and general manager at the auction 109z was sold at, told CTV News that it was the highest price that's ever been paid for a cow at Perlich Bros. Auction Market in its 52 years of operation.

Other cows sold for over $50,000.

The auction 109z was sold at had buyers come from all over Canada, the U.S. and Mexico.

The people who shelled out $140,000 to buy her are from North Dakota and Wyoming.

Unger sold off a herd of purebred females from the ranch at the auction with 109z, and 100 of them heading off to Mexico now.

"We feel thankful that it went well, because your whole life’s work is kind of on the line," he said.

109z was definitely the belle of the ball at the auction in Alberta. 

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