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'Crazy Rich Asians' Just Opened In China And Hardly Anyone Saw The Movie

Crazy Rich Asians opened up in North America in August.
'Crazy Rich Asians' Just Opened In China And Hardly Anyone Saw The Movie

If you haven't seen Crazy Rich Asians, what have you been doing? The non-stop talked about movie came out in North America in August, and fans instantly fell in love with the unique romantic comedy. If you're not sure what Crazy Rich Asians is about, it's about a girl named Rachel who attends a wedding with her forever boyfriend, only to realize that he is extremely wealthy and actually wanted by every girl in the country. Crazy Rich Asians is the first all Asian cast since 1993. So why did Crazy Rich Asians flop in China

Even though the movie came out three months ago in North America, movies tend to be delayed all over the world. At the box office, Crazy Rich Asians did a whopping 236.6 million dollars, which is an insane amount. But the movie just opened up in China this past weekend, and it only brought in 1.2 million dollars and the reviews were not good. 

From comments that said the movie was insulting to the Chinese, to calling it rubbish, some think that because the movie was delayed and only seen three months later in China, the movie didn't live up to the expectations and the anticipation was too high. I mean, I've never seen Harry Potter after all of these years, and I'm sure my expecations would be SO high now compared to when the movie just came out. 

Even though the movie surpassed all expecations in places like East Asia, Australia, and North America, it's not a great thing that it didn't sit well with a huge part of Asia. It's also been said that an all Asian cast for North American's is a huge deal, but a lot of the movies that are released in China or Asia have a full Asian cast. 

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Well, China is also in for a treat because the sequel to Crazy Rich Asians is being filmed in Shanghai, which is the biggest city in China. For us Americans, we look forward to movies like this because they're different for us, and a huge and great change in Hollywood. But for those in China, they're either used to it, don't care for huge Hollywood films, or since it came out 3 months ago, can pirate the movie online. 

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