Critics Are Calling This Movie "The Scariest Horror Film Of 2018" And We're Creeped TF Out

You might not want to watch this alone.
Critics Are Calling This Movie "The Scariest Horror Film Of 2018" And We're Creeped TF Out

Ever wonder where some of the best lesser-known movies that pop up in theatres, Netflix and Amazon Prime come from? Sure, you'll have the sequels and the big hits with A-List actors that everyone knows, but you can't deny that every so often there's an underrated hit that steals your attention. 

Big names like Sony, HBO, Netflix and Amazon will purchase distribution rights at film festivals. One of 2018's scariest and most terrifying movies, comes from the Sundance Film Festival. 

Hereditary received a bountiful amount of praise from critics and viewers at the 2018 festival. Reviewers claimed that it's "destined to be the hit of the horror [movie] circuit" and that it's a horror film that finally lives up to its hype - one of the creepiest in years. 

They've just released the first trailer, and it's safe to say that you'll want to sleep with the lights on after watching this. 

What's so scary about this movie? Even from the trailer, it mixes the uncanny and unsettling with very real elements of grieving and family life. However, it doesn't rely purely on jump scares and a strong musical score. It mixes both those components with a series of hills and twists. To save from giving away too much of the plot, something horrible happens to the family. In the process of grieving and dealing with the loss, some dark - but all too real - family secrets come to light. 

The movie will be released on June 24, 2018 and I can only hope that more trailers get released as the months creep closer. From the trailer alone, it's already a move that I'm booking myself in to watch - as long as I can bring a friend.