It's no secret that Tennessee has some pretty spectacular places with the most amazing views. Traveling to and through the mountains is sure to give you those views that you're looking for, and there are a few spots you should stop at along the way. The best place to stay and dine is on top of Cumberland Mountain in Tennessee

McCloud Mountain Restaurant & Lodge is located literally on top of the Cumberland Mountain in Duff, Tennessee, around six miles out of La Follette. It's a restaurant and lodge and we suggest you do both. 

This location has an elevation of 2,700 feet, so if you are afraid of heights, it's time to face your fears. The views are to die for and are a must-see at least once in your lifetime.  

From this mountain top destination, you can see the large valley below, Norris Lake, the Great Smoky Mountains and even Knoxville, Tennessee is.

There is a long boardwalk and overview that you can walk out onto and get an even closer look at the scenery. You'll literally be able to "touch the clouds" on this scenic cliff and it makes for amazing photos, too. 

If you are just looking to dine here, anywhere you're seated will be a treat. You'll be looking over the mountain and seeing mountaintops in the distance while you chow down on some delicious food. 

We suggest spending a night or two here as well because every morning you will wake up to a panoramic view of the mountaintops around you. You can even get room service while you watch the sunrise and the fog clear to see the valley below you. Prices for these lodging rooms start at around $150 per night.

Being this high in the sky can be terrifying, but because the views are just so beautiful, a calmness will come over you. These are some of the best views in the entire state of Tennessee. 

If you are traveling around the state, there are few more hidden places that are perfect to explore and a couple of outdoor adventures that are sure to surprise you. 

McCloud Mountain Restaurant & Lodge 

Price: 💸💸💸

Cuisine: American

Address: 1220 McClouds Trail, Duff, TN 37729

Why You Need To Go: You will get some spectacular views of mountaintops and a valley below while you dine and stay in a romantic lodge at this destination getaway.