Now that the sun is finally shining and the birds are chirping again that means one thing: it's Dairy Queen time! Once spring rolls around we're all in the mood for ice cream and our one faithful spot is always DQ. I pretty much grew up going to Dairy Queen on the weekends as a treat with my family and it's stuck with me ever since. 

But now, Dairy Queen is offering something super special on their menus and it's a take on the classic chicken & waffles dish! If you've only ever visited DQ for their ice cream sundaes and flavourful blizzards, I think this is going to change your mind. 

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Via Dairy Queen

Last week, Dairy Queen announced that starting April 1st they will be serving their brand new Chicken & Waffle Baskets at participating restaurants for a limited time only. Other publications reached out to Dairy Queen to ask how long they'll be available for and they said that you can try them all the way through May! 

Their chicken strip baskets have been super popular so they decided to add extra indulgence with the addition of Belgium waffles. The new basket will include a handful of chicken strips, a Belgium waffle, fries and a side of syrup of course. You can choose between a 4 or 6 piece chicken strip basket! 

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Via Dairy Queen

While the Dairy Queen website only specifies that the new limited edition Chicken & Waffle Baskets are available at participating restaurants only, Canadify reported that we will be able to try them at locations across Canada as well! 

Check out their website for more information!