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Dairy Queen Is Now Selling Blue Cotton Candy Cones Across Canada

This looks un-blue-lievably good!

Start your cars, because there's a new cone in town, and you're going to want to give it a try. It may not be summer yet, but it's never too early to indulge in some frozen treats. This new flavour of dipped soft serve will have you feeling blue in the best way possible. Dairy Queen's Cotton Candy Cone was just released, and it will add some major colour to your next order.

Move over chocolate dip, because this new covered cone is stealing the spotlight.

The popular shop's latest ice cream release will melt the blues away, quite literally.

This new item features DQ's classic soft serve ice cream dipped in a layer of baby blue cotton candy coating.

Like the classic chocolate dip, the coating hardens to create a satisfyingly crunchy shell around the ice cream.

The treat is available in small, medium, or large, and will have you dreaming of bright skies and sunny beaches. It is now being offered at participating locations across Canada.

If blizzards are more your style, you can also indulge in a Cotton Candy Blizzard, according to DQ's Canadian website. 

The cones are currently available at the drive-thru and for take-out only.

Another popular ice cream destination in Toronto is making sure we still get our soft-serve fill, even if we can't visit in person.

Tom's Dairy Freeze is delivering tubs of its iconic ice cream to doors across the GTA, so you can enjoy a taste of summer from home.

You'll be transported to country fairs and carnivals with every lick of this new Cotton Candy flavour. 

If you can work up the courage to stray from the iconic chocolate dip, then this blue cone might be worth a try!

Cotton Candy Dipped Cone

Price: TBA

Why You Need It: This bright blue cone will transport you to a country fair with every lick.