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This Colorful Book Store In Dallas Has BOGO Books & Curbside For A Limited Time

Even though you WFH now, you'll still be booked.
This Colorful Book Store In Dallas Has BOGO Books & Curbside For A Limited Time

Whether you're on vacation or laying in bed, everyone loves to read a good book when they have some free time. Due to the recent circumstances, some of us may have more free time than usual and that is the perfect opportunity to get a hold of some new, good reads. To help you with the process, Interabang Books in Dallas is offering curbside pickup and a BOGO deal on Audio Books right now.

To take advantage of the deal, all you have to do is become a member of Instrabang's audiobook library, use the promo code on their Instagram, and voila! 

With over four million audiobooks in their library to choose from, it's definitely a good deal.

Along with the BOGO deal, the bookstore is also offering curbside pick up.

In the digital age, it's pretty convenient to be able to store all of your books onto one device but for all of the people who still appreciate the 'new book smell' and the overall tangibility of physical books, curbside is definitely a treat.

The curbside option allows you to order from their website directly and pick up the book at the store when they are ready for pick up.

With the abundance of audiobooks they have, you know the library doesn't disappoint with the number of physical books as well.

The majority of the book options, if not all, are online waiting for you to place them in your cart.

After a devastating earthquake this past year, Interabang Books also recently went through a complete remodeling.

With the makeover, the bookstore has become the most colorful, happy place to come and spend some time reading.

We highly recommend you check it out in the future.

In the meantime, happy reading!

Interabang Books 

Original Price: $14.99 per book

Sale Price: $14.99 for two

Why You Need It: Interabang Books is home to a large collection of books within the store as well as a larger one online. In offering curbside pick up and BOGO audiobooks, it's worth checking out.

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