Tonight's Dallas City Meeting Went South After Attendees Broke Into A Fight (VIDEOS)

Citizens refused to leave until they were heard.
A Dallas City Meeting Broke Into A Fight This Evening

Dallas had its first Community Police Oversight Board Meeting on October 8. The meeting at Dallas City Hall was set to cover the functions, limitations, and powers of the police, but ended in civil disrupt. 

The board did not take questions from the press before the meeting or after prompting the crowd's response. Attendees of the conference refused to leave until they felt like their voices were heard. Several attendees are seen in videos with their hands up, while police tried to escort the crowd out of the building. 

When some of the attendees asked to step up for questions, another meeting goer yelled, "Shut up, ignoramus" at the crowd, and that is when the crowd broke out in disarray. Aside from not being able to comment on the topics presented at the meeting, pressures were high for the lack of comment on the Joshua Brown investigation, according to those who contributed to the conversation on Twitter.

Once the crowd calmed down, the board allowed them to step up for comments and questions. Each person got two minutes to address the board. Most of the comments came from those who felt like the police and the community needed more work on communicating with one another. One member of the audience even reminded the council that the public was there to keep them accountable. 

During the meeting, Dallas Police Chief Renee Hall said she hopes to bring both the community and the department together to build trust between the two. Hall even stated, "We have no secrets."

The date for the next Community Police Oversight Board Meeting has not been announced yet.