A New Pop-up Experience Filled With Interactive Features Is Coming Soon To Dallas

DISCOTECH is a new instillation by the Sweet Tooth Hotel that will open in Dallas.
A New Pop-up Experience Filled With Interactive Features Is Coming Soon To Dallas

*Cover image from the Sweet Tooth Hotel for illustrative purposes. 

The Sweet Tooth Hotel made headlines everywhere leaving visitors wanting more. Sweet Tooth Hotel is a company that collaborates with artists to create interactive art exhibitions. Co-founder of the project Jencey Keeton has announced the latest addition to the series, DISCOTECH. 

DISCOTECH aims to combine music and media to create interactive installations. Visitors will be given headphone as they walk through, think along the lines of silent disco but with more art. The exhibit will also feature a bar. The Sweet Tooth Hotel website describes the exhibit as a "sensory adventure."

The exhibit will be at Victory Park like the previous two of this series but now they have made efforts to expand their space to feature even more art. 

The predecessors to DISCOTECH include the Sweet Tooth Hotel where guests were free to roam rooms filled with sweets and 1955 an installation which explored the pop art culture of the 1950s. The two exhibits were a great success with the original Sweet Tooth Hotel selling out three months in a row. 

Keeton said in an interview posted on Prekindle's Facebook page that she is excited and happy to give Dallas artist a space to share their work with the community. She also mentions the pride she takes in allowing artists to explore their full potential.

Tickets for the exhibit are on sale now for $20 or if you'd prefer to get a VIP pass they are $40.  DISCOTECH opens in May and runs through September. There aren't any images of the types of room we might see as of yet but if they're anything like the other two exhibits in series we can expect great selfies coming out of this one. 

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