This New S'mores Bar Near Dallas Lets You Build Your Own Gooey Treats

You'll want s'more of this.
A New S'mores Bar In Plano Is The Best Spot For Some Winter Treats

S'mores are a combination of chocolate, graham cracker and of course, the element that brings it all together, a marshmallow. This gooey treat was created to bring people together around a campfire back in 1927. It's been a long time since then and now we've found many other creative ways to make the beloved snack. Whether that be at home over an oven, or at a mall... Yes, a mall. Mallow Box, a new S'mores bar in Plano has opened a storefront in Willowbend Mall.

Mallow Box started off selling gourmet marshmallows through their online store and would have small pop-ups in malls and other locations.

Martha Ware, the owner of Mallow Box, was super excited to be opening her first store this year in Plano, Texas last month.

In the store, you have the ability to customize and create a super tasty s'mores snack with a variety of homemade ingredients right in front of you.

First, you have the choice to select from a full-on dessert, a drink such as hot chocolate, or some tasty coffee drinks.

They have massive homemade marshmallows that come in many unique flavors such as chocolate and cream, maple bourbon with bacon bits, lemon, and banana rum.

Once you select your marshmallow flavor, you can select from the wide array of toppings such as m&m's, graham crackers, cookies, coconut shreds, and more!

Finally, they toast up the marshmallow for you and you're able to enjoy your delicious creation!

The flavors on their vast menu is consistently staying up to date with the holidays as well.

For the holidays, they added peppermint crumbs as a topping as well as peppermint hot chocolate to get you in the winter spirit!

With so many different combinations of the popularized dessert, picking out your perfect treat is an incredible and mouthwatering experience.

Stay up to date on their Instagram to hear more about upcoming flavors!

Mallow Box S'mores Bar

Price: 💸

Cuisine: Sweets & Treats

Address: Food Court, 6121 W Park Blvd, Plano, TX

Why You Need To Go: This particular dessert store is so unique based on the fact it is solely themed around s'mores! If you're a s'mores lover or even want to try out some different flavors and combinations of s'mores, this is the place for you!

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