You'll Feel Like You're In Area 51 At This 3-Day Alien Con In Dallas This Fall

You can bring your new alien friends with you!
You'll Feel Like You're In Area 51 At This 3-Day Alien Con In Dallas This Fall

With the upcoming Area 51 storm taking place this September, our fascination with aliens doesn't seem like it'll go away anytime soon. If you can't travel all the way to Nevada to sneak a peek at an alien but need something to do to fill the black hole sized void in your heart, you can go to Alien Con in Dallas from October 4-6.

Alien Con will have so much intergalactic goodness including alien-themed merchandise, panels, and discussions. As with any convention, there are experts and guests who will be conducting panels where you get to ask endless space and alien questions. Some of these guests include Giorgio A. Tsoukalos, the executive producer of Ancient Aliens, Ryan Sprague, and Nick Pope. The discussions will range from deep conversations about space to how factual those scenes in Star Trek were.

There are Meet and Greet passes available that range from $10 to $50 depending on who you're meeting and what time slot you choose. The three-day con will have tons of photo opportunities to really take your Instagram out of this world, including a station that makes it look like you're being abducted. Cosplay is welcome at the convention but please remember to ask for permission before snapping a pic with anyone.

Tickets are on sale now starting at just $62 and working their way up to $1,300 depending on the ticket experience you'd like to have. 

Alien Con will take place at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center in Dallas, Texas. To get your tickets or for more information, you can visit the website here.


Price: $61-$1,300

When: October 4-6

Address: Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center Dallas, Texas

Why You Need To Go: "Aliens!" This con is all about aliens from the more serious discussions to the more lighthearted. This con will bring a smile to the faces of even the most faithful non-believers.

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