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The Most Peaceful Spots To Escape To Includes This Otherworldly Lake In Texas

A couple of hours East of Dallas, close to the Louisiana border, lies a small town known as Jefferson, Texas. While the small town has its own local history to rivet in, it also has some of the most spectacular nature views and is home to the only natural lake in Texas, Caddo Lake.

An interesting fact about Caddo Lake is that some of the oldest living trees reside here, one of them being at least 35,000 years old.

With trees reaching heights of up to 150 feet and no end of them in sight, the lake is considered to be heaven for anyone who is obsessed with nature.

There are multiple kayaking services around the lake that will allow you to hop on board and glide along while you take in all the scenery.

Within the surroundings, the natural lake also inhabits some interesting (and cute) wildlife that enjoy lurking around as well.

If you love to go fishing, we hear that the lake is a true fisherman's paradise and has quite a few species of basses, catfishes, and pickerels for you to catch.

You might even get lucky and catch a glimpse of the river otters and beavers as well.

Something that's been observed is the lakes' appearance throughout the seasons.

If you visit during the Fall and Winter months, many people get an eery, supernatural vibe from the lake.

Many ghost experiences have even been shared to prove this theory.

However, during the Spring and Summer, it looks like a completely different lake. 

The nature spot is then filled with bright colors, happy critters, and radiant blue skies.

With two different vibes you could submerse yourself in, this lake looks like it has a lot to offer.

Caddo Lake

Price: $4 entrance fee

Address: 245 Park Rd. 2, Karnack, TX

Why You Need To Go: Being the only natural lake in Texas and one of the most beautiful natural areas in the great state, it's definitely worth a visit.

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