Dallas-Fort Worth Just Got A Brand New Cafe With The Coolest Cotton Candy Desserts

Look at all those macaroons!
Carrollton Just Got A New Dessert Shop

Foodies are everywhere in the Metroplex, and new shops are popping up at every corner to satisfy their cravings. If you're a master foodie, trying all of the latest local dishes is probably very important to you. Well, now Carrollton has a brand new dessert shop that you need to try ASAP. Iota Brew Cafe just opened up, and they brought tons of great treats with them.

The cafe is originally from Los Angeles, and they brought their ever-popular cotton candy creations with them. The food joint has a selection of Italian sodas that you can top off with cotton candy for just $2. Most of the treats range from $5 to $15, depending on what you get.

The cafe is much more than just sweet treats. They have pizzas, ramen fries, and rice bowls. You’ll also be able to enjoy mochi ice cream on warmer days. On colder days, you can have a nice cup of coffee as they have tons of flavors like a Vietnamese latte, raspberry mocha, and even a Nutella latte.

Whether you're getting a pasta, a crepe, or a rainbow cake, this place has so much to offer. They are open every day of the week from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. so you have plenty of time to stop by and pick up a sweet treat.

Carrollton has so many delicious places to eat, you'll have to take a tour of the town to try them all. Once you're done here you can check out this Korean hotdog joint where they have octopus ink hot dogs. You can also check out this food spot with wild creations everywhere you look.

Iota Brew Cafe

Price: 💸 to 💸💸

Cuisine: Desserts

Address: 1060 W Frankford Rd #200, Carrollton, Texas 75007

Why You Need To Go: This delicious shop has tons of great snacks to make your foodie dreams come true.