Dallas-Fort Worth Is Having A Boozy Adult-Only Skate Party This Month

An incredibly great time!
Dallas-Fort Worth Is Having A Boozy Adult-Only Skate Party This Month

When it comes to getting all those great nostalgia feels, you might get the urge to go skating around at a roller rink. You can always go back to the rink, but you'll risk running into the younger, smaller guests who typically tend to block up the rink. Get ready to strap on those skates again because Dallas is having an adult-only skating party this weekend and you do not want to miss it.

The party will be tons of rolling fun as you get to jam out to classic songs and skate to your heart's desires. To keep the party going all night, two DJs — one even flying in from Chicago — to perform.

The event won’t end until 2 a.m., which means there will be plenty of time to party.

There will be drinks available at the rink, so make sure not to forget your ID. You'll also be able to get a classic roller rink snack in case you start needing a little energy boost.

We recommend getting your tickets in advance since they will be more expensive at the door.

The rink has table space for you to chill, on the off chance you need a little break from all the skating. During the night, there will be neon and strobe lights to recreate those wild times in the '90s.

The price for the event includes skates, so the only thing you'll need cash for is all the great snacks and games you'll play there.

There are plenty of amazing things to do around Dallas-Fort Worth, and this is just one example of a great night in the metroplex.

After you're done showing off your amazing moves, you can continue on the childhood throwback trend by checking out the Barbie Tour coming to DFW soon.

You can also stop by this massive taco festival coming to Dallas that will satisfy your taste buds with unlimited $2 tacos.

Adult Only Skate Night

Price: $15 - $23

When: Saturday, January 25

Address: 1900 S Great Southwest Pkwy., Grand Prairie, TX

Why You Need To Go: You can enjoy the roller rink with only other adults, complete with endless neon fun and boozy drinks.