Dallas is well known for having a variety of museums to check out when you're feeling like embracing your artsy side. One of their many museum's latest installments blows just about every other out of the water thanks to its magnificent neon lights. This Dallas art museum has a new online experience so that those who haven't had the chance to see this new addition or want to for a second time, finally get to from the comfort of their homes.

The Dallas Museum of Art's For a Dreamer of Houses exhibit can be virtually experienced starting now and for the foreseeable future.

The exhibit opened back on Saturday, March 15 but it wasn't long after until the museum had to temporarily close to the public.

Because of this, the highly-anticipated installation wasn't able to be seen by nearly as many people who wanted to as soon as word had spread that it was open.

What's normally $9 to see, you can now experience For a Dreamer of Houses from your computer screen and admire all the hard, and amazing work that went into it for free.

To virtually experience For a Dreamer of Houses, you can visit the museum's website here.

The power of technology continues to amaze us and it will definitely amaze you as well.

Once the museum opens back up, tickets for the virtual exhibition for adults are $9, though seniors, students, and members of the military are eligible for discounts.

DMA members and children 11 and under can experience the neon magic of the exhibit in person for free.

We recommend take advantage of this cost-free opportunity now, and make plans to visit it as soon as it opens back up to the public.

For a Dreamer of Houses

Price: Free

When: Now - TBD

Address: Virtual

Why You Need To Check It Out: This virtual exhibition is the perfect work of art to admire from your home until you can get out and see the real thing.