Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins has been keeping a close eye on his city's COVID-19 numbers since Texas began its reopening process. In a tweet from earlier today, Jenkins shared information that led him to believe that Dallas County could see a "summer surge" in COVID-19 cases. With summer right around the corner, Dallas' COVID-19 numbers could be up in a matter of weeks.

According to experts at UT Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas County could see 800 new COVID-19 infections each day by early July.

This prediction is based on whether people continue interacting as much or more than what they are now.

Now that Texas has begun reopening in phases, many businesses are able to operate at 25% capacity, which means the ability for people to come into contact with each other is even greater.

UT Southwestern Medical Center's full model can be found here, with even more details on what is predicted to come.

During a news conference on Thursday, Jenkins told listeners that this new information is proof that when you reopen too soon, bad things can happen.

Jenkins tweeted earlier today, "Dallas County could see summer surge in COVID-19 cases. According to UTSW scientists what happens is up to you."

"69% overall compliance with #SaferAtHome and we knock cases down to only a few a day. 60% and we ballon to 800 a day by July. #FlattenTheCurve"

The judge's tweet above is currently pinned to his Twitter profile to inform Dallasites of the "Dallas County COVID-19 Health Guidance For The Public."

The tweet was posted earlier this week and mentions that the Public Health Committee's goal in creating a document like the one following the tweet is to keep us safe through "continued containment of COVID-19."

Jenkins has been vocal on Twitter about praising businesses for their efforts to assist their communities during these trying times.

He also wants everyone to remain #SaferAtHome.