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Dallas Cowboys' Ezekiel Elliott Did The Famous "Dak Dance" On The Field Yesterday (VIDEO)

Last week, Dak Prescott performed the most iconic hip-shaking dance during his pre-game workout that instantly became a meme. This week, Dallas Cowboy Ezekiel Elliott did the "Dak Dance" out on the field during last night's game. By next week, we're hoping to see the whole team mimicking the incredible Dak Dance.

If you aren't a Cowboys fan or if you just haven't heard of the hilarious dancing meme yet, Dak Prescott was spotted grooving out on the practice field before the Cowboys game and people instantly were on it.

Fans edited all of their favorite songs over the video of Dak dancing, proving that he can really dance to anything.

On November 17, the Cowboys played against the Detroit Lions, thankfully winning with a great final of 35-27.

After the 'Boys scored their final touchdown in the 4th quarter, Running Back Ezekiel Elliott celebrated by mimicking his teammate and recreating the hilarious dance move that recently went viral. 

We want to know which song he was playing in his head that helped him dance to such a powerful beat.

It's easy to see that Zeke was very spot on with his moves. He thrusted his hips forward in dramatic motions 4 incredible times, giving the overlooking fans something really great to laugh and cheer at.

Elliot clearly loved all the Dak memes that were made the week beforehand, since he was able to copy the sweet moves perfectly.

Fans went wild over Twitter, saying the best part of the game was Zeke doing the #DakDance, and we totally agree. His celebration was well worth the 4 pumps. 

To do your own Dak Dance out on the actual Cowboys field, you can hit up their rally party coming up next month before their big home game.

Literally, nothing gets better than this.

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