You Can Actually Watch The Dallas Cowboys Practice For FREE This Month

America's Team for free? We're in!
You Can Actually Watch The Dallas Cowboys Practice For FREE This Month

America's team is getting ready to take the main stage and we can feel the excitement in the city. And what better way to get super hyped for the game than to watch the Dallas Cowboys practice for free.  Visitors have until the 27th of this month to watch them get ready. Not only is admission free but parking is free too so you can watch the boys at no cost.

We're not saying this is guaranteed, BUT often times when visitors get there early or stay after practice, they have had a pretty good shot and snapping a few pictures with the players. They still have several practices open including one today, August 22 at 11 a.m., Monday the 26 at 5:30 p.m., and Thursday the 27 at 5:30 p.m. Watching these practices are first to come, first serve so you might want to get there early to ensure you get a good seat. The boy's first home game will be on the 24 against the Texans.

Cowboys' first regular-season game will be on September 8 against the New York Giants and tickets for that game are on sale now.

Once you're done watching all the new plays of the season, you can head on over to play on their main field. You can also stop by to get some delicious creme puffs on the way home if all that excitement worked up an appetite. 

The Ford Center at The Star is located at 9 Cowboys Way Frisco, Texas 75034. For more information on watching the Cowboys practice, you can visit the website here

Cowboys Practice

Price: FREE

When: Until August 27

Address: 9 Cowboys Way Frisco, Texas 75034

Why You Need To Go: You can watch America's team get ready for their upcoming games for free.