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6 Dallas Activities To Do With Your S/O For Less Than $30 This February

Your S/O will be swooning this Valentine's Day!
Dallas Date Night Ideas In February That Are Super Cheap

Valentine's season is upon us and with that comes some blank stares from your S/O when you ask them what they want to do for the special occasion. Look no further than this guide to give you all the best cheap Dallas date night ideas this February that is sure to get your partner swooning!

Museum of Illusions

Price: $20 admission

Address: 701 Ross Ave, Dallas, TX

Why You Need To Go: If you and your S/O want to take some fun photos to look back on, this museum was made for you. With so many different installations to choose from, you'll have an entire photo album worth of photos.

Dunder Whiplin' Inc. Bar

Price: Varies

Address: 1806 McMillan Ave, Dallas, TX

Why You Need To Go: If you are big The Office fans, which almost everyone is these days, look no further than Dunder Whiplin'! This bar completely turned itself into something you could definitely see Michael Scott walking into. Since it's only open for a limited time, this would definitely be a one of a kind experience.

Bowl Lounge

Price: $3-$8

Address: 167 Turtle Creek Blvd Suite 103 Dallas, Texas

Why You Need To Go: This warehouse underwent an extreme makeover and became a full bar with 12 lanes of fun! Good for friends and partners, some good old competition never hurt anybody.

Texas Discovery Gardens

Price: $10 admission

Address: 3601 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Dallas, TX

Why You Need To Go: For the people that are more into outdoor activities, the Texas Discovery Gardens is the place to be. With three different gardens, one completely filled with butterflies, this place will definitely let you stop and smell the roses... literally.

Le Bon Temps

Price: $2-$5

Address: 2932 Main St, Dallas, TX

Why You Need To Go: There are only two locations of this sweet spot. One in Dallas, one in Louisiana. If you've never tried beignets, you need to and this is the perfect opportunity to do so. If you have tried beignets, take your S/O with you this time!

Fossil Rim Wildlife Center

Price: $30

Address: 2299 Co Rd 2008, Glen Rose, TX

Why You Need To Go: If you love animals and want to get up and close and personal to some, this is the perfect date for you. This safari tour takes you through a massive area filled with animals that are not shy at all! Your boo may not be the only one who wants to smooch this February.

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