This Dallas Park Will Be Filled With Giant Whimsical Installations This Month

Art without barriers.
There Is A Giant One-Day Art Festival Coming To Dallas This Weekend

If you are an artsy person who lives for creative things and has a passion for interactive installations and unique experiences, there is a giant one-day art festival in Dallas this weekend that'll be heaven for you. Figment Dallas 2020 will be your best opportunity to explore art but also to create art yourself if you feel like it.

This free celebration of creativity will be open to everyone at Reverchon Park. It will feature over 30 different artistic projects with public art, music, installations & immersive environments, games, sculptures, and much more.

The date is this weekend, on Saturday, March 14 and it will take place from 10:00 a.m; to 11:00 p.m. Get ready to experience the works from both established and experienced artists from a variety of different disciplines.

The essence of the Figment Project is to get rid of the barriers regular museums and galleries create between the public and the artwork by encouraging participation. 

This means you are more than welcome to immerse yourself in each one of the pieces.

Forget about be quietly standing in front of the art and get ready to touch, talk to, play, dance with, smell, and be part of all of the exhibits in any way you feel.

Photos are highly encouraged here. After all, photography is another art form, isn't it? 

Some of the participant artists for this year's event are Barbados Pearl, Beki Pubill, Boston Kassidy, Clay Austin, Kyle Gerst, Rebecca Archuleta & Jim Strauss, and Suza Kanon.

For the complete list of artists and their projects, you can check the event's page here

There will be tons of opportunities for you to collab with any of the creations on site.

You are also more than welcome to be part of the fun by wearing a costume or attend the event with a decorated bike or stroller.

The Figment Project first started in 2007 with an event on Governors Island in New York Harbor, and now they have art events in Chicago, Boston, Toronto, Oakland, Baltimore, San Diego, New York City, and tons of other cities. 

The event is open to all family members, including furry ones.

Figment Dallas 2020

Price: Free

When: March 14, 2020

Address: 3505 Maple Ave., Dallas, TX

Why You Need To Go: Immerse yourself in the interactive and colorful work of more than 30 artists. Touch anything, play with everything, and experience art without barriers at Dallas' Reverchon Park.