An Incredible 30-Foot Poop Just Plopped Down In The Middle Of Downtown Dallas

Don't worry, it smells great!
Dallas Has A Massive Interative Poop

Dallas is filled with tons of crazy things, and one of the craziest might have to be what just hit downtown. A massive 30-foot inflatable poop has just plopped down in Dallas at Kyle Warren Park. The out-of-this-world poop was placed there by Poo-Pourri as part of their marketing campaign.

People are allowed to go inside the gigantic poop where they have a chance to score some major deals on many of their products. People are literally lining up for their chance to go inside.

Once you have entered the interactive poop, you’ll have a chance to get a few coupons and samples while supplies last. We suggest going as soon as possible since the massive experience is only in town until 9 p.m. today!

The experience is a part of their national tour that is kicking off later this month. Dallas is the first city to experience the giant poop as Poo-Pourri's headquarters are in the city. 

The exhibit will be making a comeback in 2020 for a longer run, but no specific dates have been announced as of yet. You are allowed to go in for free, and you're safe to take as many pics as you want. After all, how many times are you going to be able to take pics with a massive poop at Klyde Warren Park?

For more Dallas fun, make plans to stop by the first Dia De Los Muertos Parade later this month, which will also take place downtown. You can also stop by Pumpkin Nights, which opens tonight in Arlington.

Inflatable Poop

Price: FREE!

When: Today only

Address: 2012 Woodall Rodgers Fwy, Dallas, Texas 75201

Why You Need To Go: You wouldn't want to miss the chance of stopping by this massive poop and getting some Poo-Pourri deals.

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