Dallas Has A New Speakeasy And You Need To Find The Secret Code To Get In

Akai is the latest speakeasy to open in Dallas.
Dallas Has A New Speakeasy And You Need To Find The Secret Code To Get In

Akai is quickly becoming the new hot spot in Dallas nightlife. The speakeasy is hidden in the back of a restaurant and you need to be able to find the secret code to get in. The bar’s social media pages are riddled with clues to help people find the code and sometimes they just give it out.

There are two ways to get in. One is thought the restaurant Musume where you will be escorted to the back or through a side door protected by a bouncer who stands under a large neon sign. Once you are able to find the code, you must be able to quickly make a reservation due to limited seating in order to keep the speakeasy slightly exclusive.

Akai is decked out with a huge neon dragon that covers most of the ceiling and mural depicting two samurai ready for battle. The bar is flooded with shades of red from the red couches to the red neon detailed lights on the side of the walls.

Drinks at Akai include names like ”Last Samurai,”  “Precious Jade,” and “Watasumi.” The speakeasy is all about the drinks seeing that the restaurant, Musume, is the host venue.

Musume serves Asian cuisine including sushi. Eating at Musume is one way to access the speakeasy but you do need a reservation. Price range for the restaurant is anywhere between $10 to $50 so it won’t completely break the bank. The restaurant also features 125 different types of sake on tap.

Akai is just the latest addition to owners Josh Babbs and Sean Clavir chain of nightlife venues. Clavir’s other work includes N9NE in Las Vegas while Babbs as worked on Kenichi which is located in Victory Park. 

The speakeasy is now open and is located on 2330 Flora St. Suite 100 Dallas, Texas 75201. 

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