You Can Travel From Dallas To Louisiana For Just $5 This Month

Traveling on a budget!
Dallas Has Cheap Travel Tickets To Lousiana

It seems like even when it’s just from one state to another, traveling can be one of the most expensive things there is to do. Thankfully, we have the Flixbus to bless us with super cheap travel tickets year-round. Right now, you and your friends can travel to Louisiana for just $5 from Dallas. Yes, $5!

Flixbus goes to two destinations in Louisiana for travellers out of Dallas, one being Shreveport and the other Alexandria. They have several dates with the $5 fee for the rest of the month so it'll take some digging around on your part. We immediatly saw departure times at 10 p.m., and with a trip that’s around 5 hours. That basically means you can just sleep on your way there. Louisiana has tons of things to do so traveling for cheap is totally worth it!

The buses all come with WIFI and outlets so you can stay plugged in the entire time. There is a $2 service fee when booking and we suggest you act fast as seats tend to fill up quickly. Traveling doesn’t have to be ridiculously expensive anymore so embrace that wanderlust by traveling to somewhere new. We hear Shreveport has an awesome boardwalk with outlets, restaurants and even a movie theater!

Flixbus has several stations around the Metroplex so be mindful of that when booking. To reserve your seat check out the Flixbus website here

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Flixbus: Dallas to Louisiana

Original Price: $20 - $60

Sale Price: $5

Why You Need It: You can travel for super cheap across state lines, and it's not even that long of a bus drive.