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Dallas Has The Largest Discount Bookstore In All Of Texas

You can get lost in here for hours!
Dallas Has The Largest Discount Bookstore In All Of Texas

One of the coolest book thrift stores, Half Price Books, tends to be a favorite amongst all book lovers but most people don't know that a Dallas has one of their largest locations ever. While there are several of these book stores around the metroplex, none come with their own cafe and countless, giant reading sections. The massive book store is their flagship store so you can imagine what fun is to be had here!

With the bookstore being Texas-sized, there is almost nothing you won't be able to find. Visitors of the store will be able to find everything they need from textbooks to comics to cookbooks. While most Half Price Book Stores have one or two rows of books dedicated to a genre, this store has entire sections. 

The store doesn't make it easy to leave either. Hidden all around are several reading nooks and couches that you are more than welcome to use while you decide which books you're going to get. They also have a meeting room which makes book club reunions more fun and a great way to pick your next read. 

There is also a cafe in the store that not only has great coffee but also has a variety of snacks to enjoy while you bury yourself in your latest book. Many guests choose to stay and read their new books in the cafe after they have made their rounds through the massive halls of the store. While you're there, you can also check out their antique section where you might find a few collectibles - and it's not just limited to books.

The massive Half Price Books is located at 5803 E Northwest Hwy and is open every day of the week from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m.  For more information on the book store, you can visit their website here.