Dallas has always had good food. There are burgers and taco joints on almost every corner but ramen in the area has been hard to find. The Tokyo popular Jinya Ramen Bar will open its doors at Victory Park. 

According to Eater a PR representative for the restaurant confirmed they expect the restaurant to open later this month but no exact date has been given. 

The ramen bar prides itself on focusing on the broth of the ramen instead of just the noodles. The website states that they take around 10 hours to create the idea broth. The bar is also constantly creating new flavor combinations as a way to improve their skills. While the noodles are not the stars, they are hand made. 

Bowls at Jinya Ramen range from $9 to $11. As of now, they have 13 ramen bowls including Wonton Chicken Ramen, Sprouting Up Ramen and Tonkotsu Spicy. 

Aside from ramen the bar also offers salads, rice bowls and special Jinya tacos.

The restaurant also has a variety of desserts including mochi ice cream and block pops. The flavors for this are not your standard chocolate and vanilla but rather Green Tea Pistachio and Triple Berry White Chocolate. 

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The franchise was created by a man Tomonori whos goal was to create a place for authentic food that was not only delicious but also reasonably priced. 

This is not the first Texas location but it is the first one in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. 

For more information on Jinya Ramen Bar including the full menu and happy hour, you can check out their website here.