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Dallas Is Having Its First-Ever Donut Festival Next Month

This is the very first donut fest in Dallas.
Dallas Is Having Its First-Ever Donut Festival Next Month

The first-ever Dallas Donut Fest is coming on March 31 and you can expect lots of donuts. The festival aims to bring most of the donut shops between Dallas and Fort Worth to one spot. The festival will take place at Four Conners Brewing Company. 

The festival's website says this was the only way to be able to taste all the best donuts in the area without having to drive around or run out of time since most shops close at noon.  

Donuts won't be the only thing they are serving at the festival. Visitors will also have a chance to sample coffee, beer and soda. 

Tickets to the festival are $35 for general admission which includes entry to the festival, a donut sample from every booth, photo booth admission and more. If you're really passionate about donuts, you can buy the VIP ticket for $50 which includes everything from the general ticket but you get more donut samples and entry to a party area. 

If you love donuts but are on any type of diet the festival website ensures that there will be a donut for everyone. Four Conners also has a kitchen which will be operating during the event.  

The event website also suggests that there will be plenty of opportunities to take the perfect selfie. Visitors will also be able to vote on which donut they think is the best in the Dallas-Forth Worth area.  

The Festival will also feature different shops with donut themed merchandise including glazed donut flavored lip balm. There will a cake bakery present at the event but they promise to add a donut twist to their treats.

Some of the donut shops named to make a stop include: 

  • Dough Boy Donuts
  • Funky Town Donuts
  • Sarah's Donut Story 
  • Urban Donut

For more informations on the festival, parking & transportation options and for buying tickets, please visit this website. 

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