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Dallas Just Got A New Mouthwatering Food Joint That Serves Up The Wildest Creations

Skinnyfats just opened in Dallas and everything on their menu looks delicious.

Get ready to start drooling because the famous Las Vegas restaurant SkinnyFats has just opened a new restaurant in Dallas and we can't decide what to get first! According to Eater, the new delicious restaurant is located at 3700 McKinney Ave and has the sweetest and savoriest eats ever.

Skinnyfats comes all the way from Las Vegas where they are famous for an insanely tasty variety in their menu. The Uptown Dallas joint is their first Texas location and it is unknown if there will be more to come. The location is also the first  to open outside of Nevada. 

Some things you might find on their menu include tacos, burger, soups and amazing desserts. The menu is split into two sections the "Happy Side" and the "Healthy Side", which are all 600 calories or less. They also have all-day breakfast so you can have breakfast for dinner and a "hangover remedy" juice for when you party just a little too hard. Their breakfast options include a popular Wake n' Bacon sandwich which is served on a Hawaiian roll.  

Desserts vary from location to location but we can tell you to expect great things. Some of their desserts include a peanut butter cookie sundae with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce, the adobo spiced cinnamon chips sundae with caramel cookie crumbles and vanilla ice cream, and the mixed berry sundae with mixed berry beignets, crunch berry vanilla ice cream and raspberry orange sauce. 

Prices for SkinnyFats menu items go anywhere from $4 to $14 depending on what you order from their long list of entrees and desserts. The joint is open from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily.

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For more information on Skinnyfats, you can visit their website here.