Cheese has been the staple in everyone's favorite food since the beginning of time. With foods filled with cheese like cheesy potatoes and mozzarella sticks, Mac & Cheese somehow rises above all else when it comes to side dishes. Throughout the years, the recipe for Mac & Cheese has become more and more complex. From the traditional Kraft 'Easy Mac' to gourmet Mac & Cheese sold in fancy restaurants, it's truly become a an extremely popular meal for anyone to enjoy. What if we told you some genius in Portland decided to create an entire festival dedicated to Mac & Cheese? Well, believe it, because the Mac & Cheese festival is coming to Dallas!

Mac & Cheese Festival originally started in Portland, Oregan, and has had its 2nd annual appearance this year.

Because of the growth in popularity, they've decided to expand and come to Dallas along with many other cities across the U.S. Including our favorites, San Antonio and Austin!

With tons of different Mac & Cheese connoisseurs visiting to give you a taste of the many different renditions of Mac & Cheese, it bound to be a good time.

Although we don't have the vendor line-up so far, our sources say there will be plenty to choose from.

In previous events, there have been many diverse ways of presenting Mac & Cheese.

We've seen chicken and mac & cheese paired together, fries and mac & cheese, mac & cheese grilled cheese sandwiches and so much more!

Don't worry about not being able to try them all!

The portion sizes will be about 2 oz. tasting portions so make sure to stop by every single vendor to get the full experience.

With the limited information we do have, it's still exciting to be able to try all these delicious mac & cheese recipes!

Be sure to RSVP on the Mac n Cheese Festival Website to be the first to know when more information is available!

Mac & Cheese Festival

Price: TBD

When: April 5, 2020

Address: TBD

Why You Need To Go: Take a stroll with your friends around a festival that has every mac and cheese recipe known to man surrounding you. With a variety of options and small-medium sized portions, you'll leave feeling both the happy kind of cheesy and the cheesy kind of cheesy. If that doesn't sell you, I don't know what will.