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The Dallas Mavericks New Jerseys Are Being Torn Apart On Twitter & It's Brutal

Dallas sports fans are some of the wildest ones around, and they are never shy to show off their team pride. However, the Dallas Mavericks just dropped new jerseys and people aren't too sure how they feel about them.

The new city edition jerseys are an ombre of blue with white and bright lime green, with a cartoony font saying Mavs across the front. The letters are supposed to resemble a street graffiti style, but most people online aren't digging it.

There has been criticism and ridicule being shared across the internet ever since the jerseys were first worn last night, and people can't seem to get used to their bright neon colors and bubble letters.

Twitter user DanRiffle made a hilarious response when he tweeted that the Mavs jerseys "look like they let the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles design tonight's jerseys". Many of his followers and fellow Mavs fans laughed along with him and agreed.

Some people are calling for a redesign so they can actually buy the jersey and wear it with pride, others are sending in creative redesign ideas of their own!

Twitter user DallasMavs1980 decided to "give it a shot" and posted his own concept jersey design that gets rid of the goofy font and makes the jersey appear to be more sleek and modern.

Other Twitter users are trying to be helpful by advising the popular team to simply put the jerseys away to never be seen ever again. Twitter user iDavidShabani tweeted out at the team "Please never wear those jerseys again, Dallas Mavericks."

Twitter user ameeracle7 asked the very important question "Why do the new Dallas Mavericks jerseys look like they came straight out of Looney Tunes?"

The jerseys have been compared to Looney Tunes, TMNT, Rugrats, the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and other throwback TV shows that also sport the same cartoony, graffiti-style font.

The team has a bit of decision making to do when it comes to their new jersey, whether they'll stick with the one they just revealed or if they'll consider a redesign. Until then, we'll be on the edge of our seats when the Mavericks play again this Friday.

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