There's one great way to beat the summer sun, and that's to sip away the heat with a massive pina colada in hand. There are plenty of recipes to make one, and even more places to buy one, but there's one Dallas spot with Mexican treats and chill drinks that will cool you off in a way like no other. If you're looking for a place to both satisfy your cravings and to escape the Texas weather, look no further than this over-the-top joint. 

The Piña Loca Fruteria is a snack shop in Dallas with the "best Mexican munchies" in the city. You can pick up a whole assortment of delicious, loaded snacks and drinks when you stop by.

The shop has a variety of favorites, from boozy chile drinks to mouthwatering elite and nachos that locals are eager to dig into. 

However, the month of May has brought some of the greatest new treats to the shop that you didn't know you were craving.

This month introduced Piña Loca Fruteria's Birthday Cake Funnel Cake. The dish is piled high with classic birthday cake toppings, and it looks incredible as it towers high over the plate.

They also added Kit Kat Funnel Cakes and Reese's Cup Funnel Cakes to the menu, which are the classic fried treat topped with the popular chocolate candy of choice, caramel, powdered sugar, and ice cream.

They have also added new boozy beverages, including the Monster Preparado, which is a Monster Energy-based drink that is mixed with chile, lime, mango, and more.

You can also pick up a classic pina colada, mangonada, boozy sandianada, and much more.

There's no better way to beat the heat than with an alcoholic pineapple drink and some sopapillas!

Make sure to bring cash when you visit, since that's all they accept.

The Piña Loca Fruteria 

Price: 💸

Cuisine: Mexican treats

Address: 2212 Highland Rd., Dallas, TX

Why You Need To Go: You can nab a tasty boozy drink out of a pineapple, or come to try one of their new, out-of-this-world creations.