There's a specific ice cream shop that can get anyone's mouth watering and it has traveled to Texas all the way from Australia. The iconic shop first opened in Houston, then moved to New Orleans and Virginia Beach before finally reaching Dallas to satisfy all of those Dallasites who were just itching to get a taste of the world-famous treats. Aqua S in Dallas is now open and you can begin tasting their super unique and one-of-a-kind flavors.

Aqua S has rotating flavors every month, giving fans a reason to come back again and again to try them all. You can stop by for treats like Margarita and Sea Salt or Chocolate Cheesecake.

Other iconic flavors that have been enjoyed at their US shops are Vanilla Rose, Mojito, Butter Toffee, Hot Cocoa, Matcha, Pink Lemonade, and Charcoal.

The soft serve is then topped with a variety of very unique toppings that you wouldn't really find anywhere else. Top off your treat with caramel corn or a big cloud of cotton candy. Or both!

Their locations always come complete with the cutest pink neon sign that reads "I Got Served In" then the name of the city you are in. You can find these signs popping up in Instagram pics from people across the globe.

For their opening, they are offering curbside pickup and free deliveries for tubs of their incredible flavors. On their Instagram story displayed above, they list out all of the flavors you can pick from.

Plus, if you buy five mini tubs right now, you can get one extra for free! And with them being less than $3 each, that makes six tubs of unique, mouthwatering flavors come out to less than $15.

You can email, text, or DM them on IG to make your orders today. And we won't judge you if you order 12 tubs. I mean, how could you resist?

Aqua S has been serving up its Texas customers since summer 2019, so they know what flavors work best and what kind of taste buds we all have.

You will be delighted to try one of their delectable treats now that they are finally here in Dallas.

Aqua S 

Price: 💸

Cuisine: Soft Serve

Address: 2375 Victory Park Ln., Suite 140, Dallas, TX

Why You Need To Go: To get your hands on the tastiest new cotton candy wrapped flavors in all of Dallas. Grab a spoon and dig in.