Are you tired of having to wait for festivals and state fairs to enjoy authentic food fair? You'll be happy to know those days are officially over. Get ready to put your hands on some crispy funnel cakes and mouthwatering corndogs at Dallas' new fair food spot that serves delicious fried treats year-round.

If you crave a smore’s funnel cake or a crispy corndog, Corndog With No Name is the new fried-food restaurant that can make your foodie fantasy real. They specialize in those two dishes plus cocktails and even have CBD-infused corndogs. 

Besides serving food, they also do event concessions and catering. 

The restaurant, owned by Jace Fletcher Christensen and her mother, started as a pop up called Fletch almost a year ago in Dallas and now are here to stay.

However, the spot is in the middle of a family lawsuit over their name, leaving the two businesswomen to simply call the spot Corndog With No Name.

Fletcher Christensen's grandfather was Neil Fletcher, who ran Fletcher’s Original State Fair Corny Dogs at the State Fair of Texas for many years.

Corndog With No Name is their temporary solution and Fletcher Christensen has a survey on the place’s IG account where people can vote for their favorite name. 

The poll includes Corn Dog Queen, Fry Deeply, and Grandma’s Corn Dogs as potential names. FairPlay and Freakshow are also on the list.

Whatever name they end picking, the delicious fair food will prevail. That means you can grab your friends and try one (or more) of their 11 different types of corndogs paired with sauces like tajin mayo, spicy Dijon, house ranch, and sriracha ketchup.

If you don't feel like having a specialty funnel cake, pass by the funnel cake bar and build your own. They have chili chocolate and bacon among the toppings. 

Visiting the local is also very pleasant, according to the experience of an Instagram user. 

"I was greeted and welcomed with much love! The place is very neat and unique! (Have come to come back again!) I had the spice corn dog, which was very tasty. I also tried the bacon cheddar jalapeños (my fav) they were extremely delicious every bite I felt the cheesiness and bacon mixed so well. (...)I will definitely visit the place again," shared IG user @_dallasconfidential_

Are you ready to go try this fried food heaven for yourself?

Corndog With No Name

Price: 💸

Cuisine: Fair / Fried Food

Address: 10220 Technology Blvd. E., Dallas, TX

Why You Need To Go: Corndogs, funnel cakes, and cocktails are the centers of this new fair food spot's menu. Here you can munch fair-style fried food at any time of the year.