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This Famous French Bakery Is Opening Its First American Location In Dallas In 2020

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La Tarte Tropezienne Is Opening First Store In Dallas In 2020

One of the most popular bakeries with multiple locations across the South of France has decided to share their delicious pastries with the U.S. and their first spot will be in Dallas, Texas! La Tarte Tropézienne French bakery will be opening in downtown Dallas sometime in 2020. During the holidays, they opened their holiday catering menu for Dallasites to get a taste of the pastries for the first time.

The French bakery has been exclusive to France since 1973 and the decision to expand, specifically in Dallas, was due to the prevalent and diverse culinary scene in the city.

Dallas has surpassed New York, Chicago, and other major cities when it came to growing metropolitan areas and a booming economy in the eyes of La Tarte Tropézienne

These factors captured the attention of the bakery when it came to location preference which ultimately became the final destination for La Tarte Tropézienne.

Located beneath The Joule Hotel in downtown Dallas, the idea was for customers to see themselves picking up a croissant on the way to work or to stop and grab a snack with a friend for a casual hang out.

The bakery specializes in the famous French pastry, the Tarte Tropézienne.

In 1955, Alexandre Micka, the owner of La Tarte Tropézienne, sort of created this pastry by adding a fun twist to the classic Brioche.

This experiment definitely paid off after Brigitte Bardot happened to be visiting St. Tropez with her husband and loved the dessert so much she made it grow in popularity.

Of course, the Tarte Tropézienne is the most popular dessert for the bakery but they do have many other tasty parties on their menu.

Some of the customers' favorites are the eclairs, along with fritters and fruit tarts and more.

Although we don't have an exact date when this bakery will be opening, keep your peepers peeled for updates on any upcoming announcements through their Instagram.

La Tarte Tropézienne

Price: 💸💸

Cuisine: French Pastries

Address: 1604 Main St Suite 110, Dallas, TX

Why You Need To Go: Get excited to try some authentic french pastries at a new bakery coming soon

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