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You Can Try Over 40 Different Wines At Fort Worth's New 'Self-Pouring' Wine Bar

Going here wouldn't be a pour decision.

We all have come together with our friends at some point and whined over wine. Whether it be at a house, a fancy restaurant, or a self-serving wine bar in Dallas. It's a sacred experience that makes the bond of friendship stronger than ever. And yes, you read that right... a self-serving wine bar has come to Dallas recently!

Thirty-Eight and Vine is the wine bar that has brought the self-serve concept to an entirely new level with a wine bar and tasting room inspired by European cocktail bars.

The founders envisioned enjoying wine in a comfortable and pleasant environment.

With a 25-foot wall lined with 42 specialty wines, this will definitely be a pleasant experience for anyone.

An innovative dispenser system allows you to serve yourself by sliding a pre-paid wine card.

You can select three pour sizes: a 1-ounce sip, a 2-ounce taste, and a 5-ounce glass.

This approach lets you sample a variety or try more rare wines before deciding on one to enjoy for the night.

Another thing that makes this place so special is the selection of other drinks on the menu.

The menu will also include champagnes and beers crafted locally in the DFW area.

With such a wide drink variety and some delicious snacks, you'll have a great time soaking it all in.

Thirty-Eight and Vine is a great place for large parties as well.

The majority of the space has a variety of small cocktail tables to enjoy but it also features a 10-seat private tasting room for small group tastings.

Lastly, there will be wine club memberships for discounts, first options to purchase new selections, and event invitations.

38 & Vine

Price: 💸💸

Cuisine: Food and Wine

Address: 212 Carroll St #130, Fort Worth, TX

Why You Need To Go: If you want to take your S/O somewhere nice but don't want to commit to something with a limited range of drinks, this is a great place to try. This place is also wonderful for a girls/boys night out on the town.