Tim Burton movies have been engraved in our brains for what seems like forever now. Who else would give us the perfect film to watch on both Halloween and Christmas? With all the holiday festivities coming up, the Ill Minster Pub has created Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas right here in Dallas.

The pub is currently in its Halloween Town phase but plans on changing to Christmas in mid-November. For now, you can see Mr. Oogie Boogie hanging out in the corner, waiting to play some gambling games with you (he might not play fair, just so you know).

At the bar, you'll be able to see Jack and Sally living their best life. You'll also encounter Shock, Lock, and Barrel hanging out in their favorite bathtub on their way to kidnap the Sandy Claws. 

Glowing pumpkins take over the bar and the tables, leaving the whole building in a mystical glow. On the walls, you'll see portraits of all your favorite characters from the iconic film. Zero is hanging around as well, just waiting for a game of fetch.

A pop-up menu hasn't been released yet, but drinks at the pub usually range from $4 to $16. This transformation will last until the end of December. In the past, the pub has done tons of cool pop-ups, including a Game Of Thrones-themed one to celebrate the last season of the show. 

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Ill Minster Pub: Halloween Town

Price: 💸

Cuisine: Drinks

Address: 2600 Cedar Springs Rd #1, Dallas, Texas 75201

When: Now - end of December

Why You Need To Go: This Halloween Town pop-up will make you want to sing along to all your favorite songs from the movie.