There's A Labyrinth Of Underground Tunnels In Dallas & They're A Local's Best Kept Secret

It's like Dallas' own secret bat cave.

Two people stand in the tunnels. Right: People walking through the tunnels.

Two people stand in the tunnels. Right: People walking through the tunnels.

There's a system of underground tunnels in Dallas called the Dallas Pedestrian Network, and you can walk the eerie, liminal halls that lurk underneath downtown.

They're a bit difficult to stumble upon, so unless you're a local, you've probably never heard of the walkway system. The tunnels, as locals refer to them, connect over 36 city blocks and extend to about three miles underneath the heart of the city.

These mysterious and creepy hallways connect major city landmarks such as the Winspear Opera House, the Dallas World Aquarium, and so many more.

The entrances are hidden in plain sight. Some aren’t even marked, so you have to know what you’re looking for. However, some of the major entrances are located at Thanks-Giving Square, Renaissance Tower, One Main Place, and Bank of America Plaza.

There's more to the pedestrian network than just an endless labyrinth of hallways. There are actually a lot of restaurants to choose from, a few boutiques, and a range of other businesses people visit daily.

Nevertheless, it provides a cool respite from hot Texas days, which was the exact intention of the tunnels when they were built in the 60s.

The city built the system aiming to help city workers escape the sweltering summer heat and enjoy the conveniences of modern-day life in the comforts of air-conditioning.

Today, it's exactly that!

It's a destination where your average Dallasite can show up to work, eat lunch, attend a Maverick’s game, and have a late-night dinner all without ever seeing the light of day.

Dallas Pedestrian Network

Price: Free

Address: Downtown Dallas, TX

Why You Need To Go: There are three miles of underground tunnels and fun shops to explore in the Dallas area connecting you to major landmarks in the big city. It's a neat way to beat the Texas heat and get around town whether you're a tourist or a local!


This article has been updated since it was originally published on March 17, 2020.

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