Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins has had a lot to say since Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced yesterday that Texas would be reopening as early as Friday, May 1. Abbott's plan includes phases that involve restaurants, movie theaters, retail shops, and malls, among other businesses, to reopen at a 25% capacity starting Friday. Despite Abbott's plan, Jenkins is voicing concerns due to Dallas, Texas' deadliest COVID-19 day being today. 

In a series of tweets starting as early as 9:31 p.m. yesterday, Jenkins has been extremely open with his thoughts on Abbott's plan to reopen Texas.

With new numbers coming in each day, today's proved that COVID-19 numbers have anything but dropped in Dallas, Texas.

Now that this is the case, Jenkins plans on going on live television at 4 p.m. on Tuesday to voice his concerns to the public in even greater detail.

Not much has been saved for our television screens, however, with now two press releases from the judge being released as of earlier today.

Along with a press release, Jenkins tweeted, "@DCHHS reports 135 new cases and 10 deaths. Today ties for our deadliest day thus far in the COVID-19 pandemic in Dallas County. The residents who died yesterday range in age from a teenager in Lancaster to a man in his 90s who was a long-term care facility resident in Dallas." 

"Updated cases zip code map from @DCHHS and @PCCInnovation," tweeted Jenkins along with a map that shows COVID-19 cases in Texas in color. 

The chart alongside it helps illustrate which cities are being most affected right now.

Jenkins tweeted along with a press release yesterday that, "The first priority of those you elect is to keep you safe. I've asked @DCHHS Dir. Dr. Philip Huang & physician leaders, including those specializing in infectious disease & epidemiology from area hospitals, to carefully review the Governor's orders & will wait to hear from them."

This statement came hours after Abbott announced that Texas would begin reopening as early as May 1.

Jenkins is scheduled to address Abbot's "open Texas" plan on live television at 4 p.m. today.