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Dallas Weather Has Dropping Temperatures And Texans Are Going Crazy

Texas weather is super unpredictable, and while we are used to dressing for winter in the morning and summer in the afternoons, the occasional cold fronts still get everyone excited. This week, the first Dallas cold front with low dropping temperatures of the season has begun to roll into town, and as usual, Texans don't know how to act.

While the weather is supposed to be slightly dropping into the 70s for most places, the cold front isn't supposed to last too long. Some parts of the state haven't even begun to feel the colder weather, but that should be changing this weekend. The lack of 20-degree weather sure hasn't stopped the internet from exploding with the best memes possible.

According to The Dallas Morning NewsNorth Texas is supposed to have really great fall weather with the temps staying in the high 80s. But another cold front is expected at the end of next week with the weather dropping into the high 60s.

Some people have even hit the streets in full jackets to celebrate. Running memes include that Texans don't know how to react to weather that drops below 70 degrees. While we can enjoy this weather for now, the heat is supposed to be taking over again next week. Cooler times are sure to come, though. They might just take a minute to get here.

Some Texans have already whipped out their long sleeves and they don't plan on turning back. Several users on social media even point out how funny it is that 80-degree weather is considered a major cold front in the state. Now it is predicted that some parts of the state will get into the chilly 50s and maybe even 40s, and we have no clue how Texans will react once those temperatures actually arrive.

When in Texas, you take any little sign of fall that you can get and run with it. Afternoons might still be a little too warm for our taste, so for now, it's time to go shopping for a new winter coat so we can survive this potentially 60- to 70-degree weather.

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