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This Storybook Dessert Shop In North Dallas Is Obsessed With Everything Gnome

This is definitely a creative way to dessert, gnome sayin'?
Dentons' Gnomes Cones Serves All Things Gnome In A Storybook World

Hidden somewhere in North Texas is a humble abode that resembles something that a little Smurf would live in. Painted bright blue and true white, this wooden cabin will pique your curiosity. Once you step inside, you'll see that it's true! Although Smurfs may not live there, something similar does... GNOMES! This dessert shop, Gnomes Cones, with gnome themed desserts, opened in North Texas earlier this year and is the cutest thing we've ever laid our eyes on!

The snowcone industry has been a well-known summer tradition amongst the youth. However, with the artificial syrups that dye your tongue and the styrofoam cups you find everywhere at the local fairs have proved there was some room to grow.

Motivated by the opportunities found in the snowcone industry, co-founders Alex Sparks and Bret Hawkins decided that everything they use will be natural and environmentally friendly.

Gnome Cones' efforts to be environmentally conscious include their cute gnome printed bio-degradable cups to their non-artificial flavoring.

We love a dessert shop that loves our environment!

The aesthetics of the shop is intended to make it feel like you're in a storybook.

The spot features a fireplace that looks as if it's drawn, big and small gnomes everywhere and a huge mural that says "there's no place like gnome!" Absolutely no one will want to leave once they enter this gem!

Their menu stays true to the theme of fairy tales and villains, and with flavors such as Peaches & Cream and Troll's Blood, you can get the best of both worlds.

You also won't be overwhelmed when it comes to making delicious decisions.

The three desserts to choose from are gnomsicles, ice cream, and their cult-favorite "gnome cones".

This place should be at the top of your "places to experience" list in Dallas!

With so many fun and unique aesthetics, I'm sure you'll leave feeling happier than ever!

Gnome Cones

Price: đź’¸

Cuisine: Sweets & Treats

Address: 205 N Elm St, Denton, TX

Why You Need To Go: Hang out with your friends and some gnomes with an all-natural flavored snowcone. You can even take some photos while you're at it!

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