We've all wondered what it would be like to run with dinosaurs. We've all seen the fossils, now the chance of being able to pet one and even take a selfie is here.

Texas Live is hosting Dino Day at the Texas Live Arena in Arlington on March 31. The event will start at 11 p.m. and will run until the Texas Ranger games start at 3 p.m. The most notable dinosaur that will be there is the one and only Blu from the new Jurrasic Park Movies. 

There is no fee to enter the event which means you can run around with dinosaurs at no extra cost. The website assures that the dinos are always ready for a selfie so make sure not to forget your phone. 

The dinosaurs set to be at the event have personalities of their own. Some may be as calm and cuddly as dogs while others are said to be completely wild and let out a loud roar. 

Via Characters by Maxon Production & Events

Blu is about seven feet tall and is mechanical so it will definitely feel like the real deal. 

Safe to say this is the closest thing we'll experience to actually running with dinosaurs. 

Via Characters by Maxon Production & Events

If you decided to go to the Texas Rangers game after the event you can purchase your tickets online get a Dino Day T-shirt. 

This is just one of many event Texas Live will present during this baseball season but it is certainly the wildest. 

For more information on Texas Live events, you can check out their Facebook page.