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This Mouth-Watering Restaurant In Richardson Has Over 20 Different Types Of Loaded Hot Dogs

One of the hardest choices you'll have to make!
This Mouth-Watering Restaurant In Richardson Has Over 20 Different Types Of Loaded Hot Dogs

If you're as food-obsessed as we are, you're going to love this delicious place in DFW. Dog Haus in Richardson has over 20 types of loaded hot dogs and you won't even know what to order first! Served on the tastiest Hawaiian rolls, the hotdogs have a variety of mouth-watering toppings to satisfy all of your foodie needs.

Some of their more famous hotdogs include Old Town which has a smoked bacon-wrapped dog with caramelized onions and pickled jalapeños. Another one of the hot dogs is the T-Mex, that consists of beef chorizo & pepper jack sausage, avocado, chipotle aioli, pickled jalapeños, and pickled peppers. But these are only two of the many choices they offer their customers; some of the other options include pineapples, bratwurst, and BBQ sauce. 

Other options include burgers made with just as much flair as the hot dogs, served with eggs, bacon, or even onion rings! Love boats are also on the menu which include your choice of fries or tatter tots with chili and slaw on top. You can also go a little more traditional and get cheese tots or fries with bacon bits sprinkled on top. Prices start at around $3, with hot dogs going for about $7 each.

The restaurant is open from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Sunday through Thursday and from 11 a.m. to midnight on Friday and Saturday.

Dog Haus is located at 744 S. Central Expwy. #210, Richardson, TX 75080. To get a look at their full menu and for additional info, you can visit their website here.

Dog Haus

Price: 💸

Cuisine: Hot Dogs

Address: 744 S. Central Expwy. #210, Richardson, TX 75080

Why you need to go: Dog Haus has around 20 different types of hot dogs and burgers on Hawaiian rolls topped with amazing toppings and sauces.