Warm weather is right around the corner and with those extremely hot days and rising temperatures in Texas, all anyone can ever think of is a way to cool off. Florida, another state who experiences the same hot weather as us, has found a way to make those summer days more bearable and now Dallas is getting a taste of it. Jeremiah's Italian Ice is coming to a city near Dallas later this year.

Jeremiah's, a franchise originally based in Florida, has recently decided to expand to Texas with over 10 locations popping up in Cedar Park, Leander, Austin, and Temple.

Their first location will be coming to McKinney, Texas sometime this year and Texans couldn't be more excited.

Jeremiah's emerged in Florida after a man discovered the idea of a push-cart that sold ice cream could turn into a push-cart that sells flavorful Italian ice!

After concocting a very special and unique ice formula, Jeremiah's was born and Floridians have been in love since.

Jeremiah's specializes in making their ice super-soft, creamy, and flavorful.

The Italian ice options range to up to 40 different flavors to choose from!

Some of these are traditional fruit flavors, such as mango, peach, banana but sometimes they dabble in seasonal ones like pumpkin pie. Who has tried pumpkin-flavored ice before?

Don't worry about picking the wrong flavor! There's also an unlimited sample policy so you can sample all of them until you land on a taste you truly love.

I'm sure Texans would be pleased to have yet another ice-spot to choose from this summer.

Especially one with such a variety of outrageous flavors!

Although we don't have much information as to when the Mckinney franchise will be open, keep your eyes open for more updates!

Jeremiah's Italian Ice

Price: 💸

Cuisine: Sweets & Treats

Address: TBD

Why You Need To Go: With a new ice shop in our midst, it's always fun to try new icy treats with your friends during the summertime!