When it comes to spilling the tea on the cowboys, no one does it better than former Dallas Cowboy Dez Bryant. With another unfortunate loss for the team, Twitter was flooded with memes and questions.

One fan even reached out to Bryant, asking what he thought the team needed to win. He responded with "My honest opinion?" before going into a tweet session about the team. Bryant had nothing bad to say about the players, but he did make all of us relate to the frustrations of training and meetings. 

Last night Bryant spent a good amount of his evening scrolling through his Twitter feed after the Cowboy's Sunday 22-24 loss. It all started with Bryant's Twitter fan, who goes by the name TeamJujudez, asking him "What the cowboys problem?"

Dez then hopped on Twitter to ask his fans if they care for his opinion and the questions started pouring in. With a big game coming up against the Philadelphia Eagles, the fans need some hope.

Bryant gave us the ultimate "this meeting could have been an email" feels. He then went on to say he was just speaking his truth, and he'd stop there before going deeper.

Later he responded to more tweets saying his sacrifices are what got him cut from the Texas team. Bryant's contract wasn't renewed for 2018 and he has since been very honest as to why things didn't work out. He has, on occasion, shared his opinions on what needs to change both on and off the field for the Dallas Cowboys to be successful.

After sharing his opinions, Bryant said he's looking to move on and find happiness. It isn't known if he'll be returning to football anytime soon.

For now, we'll just have to watch his tweets for his gamer updates and to see if he ever scores that Popeyes chicken sandwich

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