Former Cowboy Dez Bryant Announced He's Coming Back To Play Football Last Night

Where will he throw up the X next?
Dez Bryant Is Ready To Get Back In The Game

If you're a fan of America's team, you know that losing Dez Bryant hasn't been easy for most of us. It seems like fans of the Dallas team flood his Twitter every game day to ask him to come back. Well, former Dallas Cowboy Dez Bryant is ready to get back in the game, but he revealed it might not be with the Cowboys.

Last night the football star sent out this tweet with the caption, "Feeling like me again X."

Of course, fans of the former Dallas Cowboy were thrilled to see him looking ready to play. He later took to Instagram where he posted a series of stories that show him training and getting back into peak condition.

Soon after, Bryant tweeted again, making his fans even more thrilled. The tweet read, "I’m not trying to go nowhere and be a starter on a team I want to contribute because I know I will be able too... I’m feeling good... in two weeks I’m going to reach out to teams and see what happens.... let’s go X" This left many wondering what possible teams he could be reaching out to.

While he hasn't given any real hints as to where he has his sights set, Bryant was flooded with messages of support and a few team suggestions.

Cowboy nation was quick to respond with a variety of memes and gifs, all saying they want him back. While we know his love for his teammates runs true, he hasn't responded to any to his fans that ask if he's willing to come back.

Dallas fans aren't the only ones trying to get Bryant back. Twitter user BGR316 reminded him, "Don’t forget about Nola." Bryant signed on for one season with the Saints, and it seems like fans got attached.

Other fans pitching in include some from the Patriots, the Raiders, and the Steelers. No matter where Bryant ends up, it will surely be a show to watch. He might have been out for a while, but he never intended on staying out of the game, so it was only a matter of time before he gets signed again.

While he might not return to the boys, they still support him no matter what and even gave Bryant a little birthday surprise during the game on Monday.