You Can Chill In This Funkadelic 70s Themed Glamper In Fort Worth

For the past few years, it’s all been about the 90s. The fashion (all the chokers), the slang, and Pokemon (You know you downloaded Pokemon Go!) are in full swing. 90s fun is great and all but if you want to step back to get a little groovy, we've got just the right thing! A 70s glamper was spotted on Airbnb in Fort Worth and it has a colorful space for you to hang out with some oversized shades on.

This tiny home is just enough space for you to unwind for a weekend getaway and relax. At only $36 a night, you won't have to pay much to have a far-out time. The walls are decorated with colorful wallpaper straight from the 70s and the glamper is big enough for two people to comfortably share a king-size bed. 

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Accompanied by a kitchen, bring a few groceries because it has everything you need to prepare a meal and even a coffee maker to help you rise and shine. Outside you'll find plenty of space to hang out, with a small area that has a TV so you can enjoy kicking up your feet in the outdoors. You can also enjoy a shaded jacuzzi for further relaxation. 

If you're a fan of staying in a place that transports you through time, check out this other rad house straight from the 80s. As if you'd want to miss the opportunity to keep the 90s alive, you can also stay at this hella fly pad in Dallas. But before you depart from your 70s abode, be sure to sign the wall where all of the past guests have left messages for future renters. 

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To book this groovy glamper, check out their Airbnb page here. They do have space available this month but we suggest you book quickly to ensure you get the nights you're looking for. 

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The 70s Glamper 

Price per night: $36

Address or Neighborhood: Fort Worth

Why You Need To Go: This glamper will transport you right to the 70s with an outdoor jacuzzi and a colorful space for guests to hang out. 

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