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Fort Worth Is Having A Massive 4-Day Festival This May And It Will Be Incredible

MayFest is back in Fort Worth and we are so ready.

If you're looking for something fun to do with this fantastic warm weather Texas is getting, we've got just the suggestion. Mayfest is a massive four-day event filled with music, drinks, paddle boats and tons of fun in Fort Worth, Texas. The festival will take place from May 2nd to the 5th on the 33 acres of Trinity Park. 

There will be plenty of rides at the festival including a mechanical bull, a ferris wheel and zero gravity balls. There will also be live music and dancing from local musicians and artists. If you chose to travel up to the north side of the festival you will find yourself surrounded by vendors of all kinds and you'll find a huge rock climbing wall. Vendors will have everything from food to home decor that are ready to be bought. 

The oasis is at the center of the celebration will host a variety of events including a giant pavilion for music and dancing. Oasis is also home to an iconic beer garden and is also home to a VIP lounge. On the south end of the fest is the river bank where you and your friends will be able to stroll along the river. There you will also be able to find the Xeriscape Garden where you can stroll though magical gardens with tons of beautiful plants and you'll also be able to learn how to maintain your own home garden. 

This year's Mayfest has added a vineyard to their list of attractions though it has yet to be announced where exactly in the festival it will be located. 

Tickets for the festival are $5-$8 all weekend long at the door and online. There will be free admission on Thursday so you can head on over before the weekend rush. 

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Mayfest is now going into its 47th running year. It was originally started as a way to raise funds after a devastating flood in Fort Worth and now continues as a way for the community to get together, have fun, and help their city.

For more information on Mayfest, you can check out their website here.