This Peachy North Texas Ice Cream Spot Has Its Own 100 Acres Of Orchards

It's a peach overload!
This Peachy North Texas Ice Cream Spot Has Its Own 100 Acres Of Orchards

Peaches are super cute and tasty on their own as a summer snack, but this North Texas shop makes the peach eating experience so much cuter. Ham Orchards in Terrell, Texas brings delicious peaches to the table along with a few surprises. The peach orchard also has BBQ, ice cream and so much more. 

Hidden east of Dallas, the orchard now consists of 100 acres so they are overflowing with fresh peaches. The store carries bags of fresh produce straight from their giant farm. They also sell jarred products such as jams, jellies and even salad dressing! One of their more notable products for sale is old school homemade fudge but you need to plan that purchase out as they only sell it Mondays and Tuesdays.

The orchard has the claim of making the best homemade ice cream in Texas. Of course, their ice cream had to be peach flavored but they offer strawberry as well. If you’re nice enough, they even let you swirl the two tasty flavors together. The ice cream is made every morning after the staff picks the freshest fruits to go into it.

Normally the orchard doesn’t let people go out to pick their own fruit for safety concerns but there are a few times out of the year that guests can pick raspberries to take home. While you can’t go peach hunting every day, you will have the opportunity to take some home as they sell their famous peaches by the bag in their shop.

Ham Orchards is located at 11939 County Road 309 in Terrell, Texas. They are only open from May through August from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m so head on over for this summer season! For more information on Ham Orchards, you can visit their website here.

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