Don't let this be another weekend where you just binge watch Friends for the a millionth time on Netflix. Sure a warm blanket and some laughs are great, but have you ever rode in a hot air balloon? This weekend might be your only chance to hop into a hot air balloon in Abilene for super cheap at their annual balloon festival.

The Big Country Balloon Fest is back from September 27 to September 29, and is here to show you a whole new part of the world. The best news is that for only $20, you can enjoy a day full of exploring and a tethered hot air balloon ride. That's a pretty good deal if you ask us.

The cool aspect of this event is that you get to see these hot air balloons up close and personal. Usually, and rarely, you can spot them in the sky. But at this festival not only do you get to see a bunch surround you, you can hop into one too. The balloons are all so colorful, and each have their own unique design that's totally worthy of snapping a pic in front of.

Aside from the balloons (as well as their nightly glow night where you can see them all lit up), there will be a mechanical bull if you are feeling up for the challenge.

According to the organizer, the Big Country Balloon Festival also has a huge selection of foods to indulge on. You can create your own personalized buffet with food ranging from BBQ, to tacos, snowcones and even those giant turkey legs.  Make sure to dress comfy because this food may be too tempting.

If you aren't able to make it out to Abilene, the Texas State Fair is open this weekend and they'll be serving up some delicious treats. You might even find some unique foods in your neck of the woods at any of these massive eats restaurants in Texas.

Big Country Balloon Fest 

Price: $20

When: September 27 - 29

Address:3125 S 32nd St., Abilene, TX 79605 

Why You Need To Go: The balloon views are spectacular, the price is cheap and the food is tasty!

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