Growing up, you probably owned an super cool Hot Wheels car that you wished was a real car you could actually drive. Now that we're old enough to drive, we tend to forget our childhood dreams and settle for boring cars that don't take too much gas. This traveling Hot Wheels event seeks out to show you the fantasy cars of your dreams made into real life. The Hot Wheels Legends Tour is coming to Grand Prairie on May 4th and they are bringing their coolest cars with them. 

The event is totally free to enjoy and will be located at 2225 W Interstate 20 on May 4. At the event, you will be able to see a life-sized Hot Wheel fleet of cars, have tons of photo ops and see a historical display of all of Hot Wheels past.

If you feel like you have one of the coolest cars out there, you can also register your car to compete in their Legacy Tour competition. The competition sets out to find the coolest looking car that has great performance and a one-of-a-kind design. All the cars participating in the competition are built and not bought in the true Hot Wheels spirit. 

The event has already been to Houston, naming a winner of their own local competition. Once the winner from each city is chosen, there will be one grand prize winner chosen as the ultimate real-life Hot Wheels car.

Collectors are more than welcome to bring their collectibles and pick up a few while they are there. 

For more information about the Hot Wheels Legends Tour, you can visit their Facebook event page here.